Kinterra Strategies

About Us

Kinterra Strategies is a non-profit ministry associated with Kinterra Custom Homes. Its vision is to convey the whole gospel to the whole person through business development. Its goal is to share the expertise and resources of the Kinterra family of companies to help developing communities locally and worldwide through growing and coaching developing businesses, and through this help, sharing the love of Christ to all. Kinterra Strategies also serves as a model for others who want to use their business in a similar manner. Kinterra Strategies encourages business people to become involved in using their business expertise to help and encourage these developing communities by sharing their knowledge with entrepreneurs in these communities, helping them be successful and profitable, creating jobs, and positively impacting their community.

Whether helping locally in inner-city ministry, or helping internationally, our efforts will include the same mission of business and life skills coaching, providing consistency in our efforts. Kinterra Strategies provides start-up funding and business consulting. From initial business planning, through ongoing mentoring and coaching for existing businesses, the goal of Kinterra Strategies is to maximize the potential for success of these businesses.

There is a tremendous need in developing communities for business expertise and training. The cycle of poverty will ultimately not be broken through aid money, but through economic development generated by business development. Kinterra Strategies is a key advocate and facilitator for such development. We believe that the world is in desperate need of the kind of help Kinterra Strategies is poised to give. By God’s grace, we can make a difference.

Participate With Us

Pray: We recognize that what we do must be, first of all, according to God’s plans, not ours, and will be accomplished only through His strength and power. Please pray for wisdom, discernment, understanding, and strength for the Kinterra Strategies team. If you would like to receive periodic updates let us know and we will add you to our email list.

Coach emerging entrepreneurs: If you have entrepreneurial business experience, especially internationally, we would love to talk to you about serving as a coach and mentor to a budding business entrepreneur, either locally or internationally.

Provide marketing help: Several businesses we are helping or associated with have products that they would like to bring to a larger market. Contact us if you would like more details on how you can help develop markets for their products.

Help fund a business start-up: Kinterra Strategies will offer start-up or expansion loans for promising entrepreneurs at interest rates below the normal market. As these loans are paid back, they will provide capital for other businesses in a revolving loan pool. If you would like to help provide funding for this revolving loan pool, contact us for more details. Kinterra Strategies is an approved 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Serving on an advisory board: We are looking for a team of likeminded business men and women to serve with us, helping develop strategies for our programs and cultivate resources to meet the needs.